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Monday, November 7, 2011

"Fences Fall" CD launch

Paekakariki writer David McGill's impression of the launch of "Fences Fall" - a CD of songs by Kapiti musicians based on lyrics and poems by Michael O'Leary. This took place on 5th November 2011 at St Pater's Village Hall, Paekakariki

St Peter’s Hall, Paekakariki, Guy Fawkes night, about 7.30pm. Folk are gathering for the live launch by Kapiti musicians of poems by Paekakariki poet laureate Michael O’Leary. The hall hosts broad cabaret tables with blue light centrepieces, soft blue lights identify the bar to the left of the entrance, there are coloured lights on the old white walls, a small rainbow glitter ball revolving overhead. Dr O’Leary presides in the far corner below stage beside a stack of the freshly pressed CDs. There is an expectation of stage fireworks.

John Baxter takes a seat beside me at the back table. The musicians didn’t get my father’s poems, he says. Be interesting to see how this goes.

Ruth arrives with her celebrated platter of cut sandwiches: cucumber and celery, cheese and chives, ham and mustard, delicate little asparagus rolls. She offers a glass of red wine to wash down the sublime sammies, as the musicians warm up on stage. Helen Dorothy steps forward with her delicate guitar, accompanied by mandolin.

Community Board chairman Adrian Webster reads a tribute to Michael from Jon and Jacqui Trimmer. Mayor Jenny Rowan takes the risk of her own poem tribute to launch Michael’s CD.

Dr O’Leary, I presume, says John affectionately as Michael tells us there are three commemorations. He came to words from the music of the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan. His mother got him out of bed by yelling the Beatles were on the radio. She died on Guy Fawkes night 1968, his father the same year. The second commemoration is the brutal dispossession of Parihaka. John Baxter is wearing the commemorative white feather. The third is Guy Fawkes himself, the only person, Michael says to much laughter, to enter Parliament with honest intentions. The musicians, he says, chose what they sing on the CD from his three poetry collections of recent years.

Niels Gedge steps forward on stage to sing the ‘Doowop’ song that is the Mayor’s favourite: ‘Did Jesus play his guitar, gently weeping.’ Ah, yes, reference to George Harrison. And at the end, as it was for the Beatles, ‘Let it be, yeah, Let it be.’

Francis Mills is on stage with Michael. We know the songs well from the fundraising concert for the CD a few months back. Mills has a deep, mellow country style and warm guitar strum that is perfect for two of my favourites on the CD. First ‘A Memento of You’, an extraordinary narrative of meeting a woman unexpectedly at Raumati shops from whom the poet stole a scarf. She tells him her mother has just died and the scarf tightens around his throat. The revelation ‘mocks us/So deceptive and beguiling, and then it shocks us.’ I cannot get out of my mind the words ‘Surpised, yet not surprised/ Bound together, but we must be apart’.

The second Mills number is ‘Self Deception’, an SS officer observing the loading of Jews on the Belsen bound death express. He sees a boy who is Jewish looking float away and realises he is watching himself. An ‘evaporating image’ you cannot forget, cloaked in Michael’s love of railway stations and steam from the engine’s boiler billowing everywhere.

The launch is a celebration, the musicians crank up their best dance music, Al Witham with his mean swamp blues has half the audience bopping and swaying round the dance floor. It is too much for Michael, who abandons his CD table and joins the swirling dance exponents. The glitter ball spins faster, the music accelerates, Gilbert Haisman pounds the piano keys, Niels and Romeril strum and blow on the sax, Helen Dorothy’s exquisite voice. Kayte Edwards of the Green Parrot band steps stage front to conclude the MCing with riffs on the contributors and her stunning rendition of my other favourite, the eponymous track ‘Fences Fall’. The high tremulous split of the word ‘des-o-lation’ sends shivers all over me. The ‘desolation appears/T’ween us lies the emotional wasteland’ are the words, belied and yet not belied by her powerful, positive, soaring, swooping delivery.

The opening words are so true: ‘Across the table you sit from me/Good wine, good food before us.’ And great music, 12 tracks for $20. Michael has to return to his CD table to sign those rendering down his CD stack. It is autobiography we can all access, beginning with the blank slate ‘of an Orakei bastard’ in the opening track that has one of the poet’s typically complex literary, cross-lingual, demotic puns ‘T.A.B. Ula Rasa’. The part-Maori/part-Irish poet chants in Maori and English with counterpoint from Gilbert Haisman’s sprightly jazz keyboard playing.

The album moves through the scarf tightening, the Beatles Doowop, the uplifting des-o-lation, Al Witham’s wonderfully lugubrious ‘Fifteen Years’ blues reminiscent of Tennessee Ernie Ford on ‘Sixteen Tons’, the ‘quietly breaking petals’ of Helen Dorothy’s heartrending ‘Breaking Beyond’, Brian Romeril’s blues wail ‘I’m Cryin Mama’, Al again on the extraordinary ‘Make Love and War’ where Vietnam is as bad as the Nazis because ‘It doesn’t matter who’s killing ya/If you’re being killed’. Kayte Edwards trilling again in ‘the embrace we live for’, ‘For that Moment’. Francis Mills with ‘Self Deception’ and accompanying Michael declaring ‘I am a stone/I am a poet,’ and ‘Words fly from my weather-worn exterior’.

Ah, but what words, and how richly they are revealed in this magical CD. You can hear for yourself, contact Michael for the CD at pukapuka@paradise.net.nz. Too late for Ruth’s sammies, but. I helped finish them while chatting to Paul about The Who, out of the corner of my eye Michael whirling boyishly round the dance floor, his ‘evaporating image’ smiling back down.

As we left, a firework gushed rainbow rain into the night sky. Was that John Baxter I saw striding off into the night, the white feather fibrillating? This time the musicians did the poet proud.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Best Poems

Best Poems - The Famous Poems Encyclopedia
Read the Best and Famous Poems of all time ever written by Famous Poets. This is a list of famous poems along with greatest quotes about love, life and death for anyone. Read, write and publish your best poems here in the sides of the best poets of the world. Our annual contest and print anthology is open to all genres of poetry, from creative, academic to inspirational ones. Don't let your talent langish at the bottom of drawers. Let other people tell you what they think about your poetry!

<p>A statistic maketh a man<br />
The man becometh a number.</p>
<p>The track is long, winding,<br />
With numerous hurdles thrown in at will,<br />
And running, slaving on it,<br />
Are the zombies, toiling with an inked till.</p>
<p>A statistic maketh a man</p>
<p><a href="http://www.best-poems.net/shivam_pandya/statistic.html">read more</a></p>

Shivam Pandya
Metaphor Poems
Mon, 08 Aug 2011 16:03:10 +0000
22606 at http://www.best-poems.net

<p>this crazy teacher<br />
wants me to write a haiku<br />
I've no idea how</p>
<p>global warming is<br />
just the end of the ice age<br />
so the penguins say</p>
<p>the boy with no shoes<br />
now you see him, now you don't<br />
my wallet -- it's gone!</p>
<p>small boy with squeegee</p>
<p><a href="http://www.best-poems.net/robby_charters/haiku.html">read more</a></p>

Robby Charters
Mon, 08 Aug 2011 14:16:30 +0000
Robby Charters
22605 at http://www.best-poems.net

The Epic of Jack and Jill
<p>jack and jill went out to fetch<br />
the royal pail of water,<br />
but the only water in a mile radius<br />
flowed down the sewage gutter</p>
<p>said jack to jill, 'to reach the hill<br />
where the well is, we must move faster'</p>
<p><a href="http://www.best-poems.net/robby_charters/the_epic_of_jack_and_jill.html">read more</a></p>

Robby Charters
Mon, 08 Aug 2011 14:10:44 +0000
Robby Charters
22604 at http://www.best-poems.net

Rhyme by the Bog
<p>‘i ought-ter<br />
be in water<br />
’twould be less hotter,’<br />
said the otter</p>
<p>‘on the top<br />
where i can hop<br />
there’s not a drop,’<br />
said frog, ‘full stop’</p>
<p>‘it’s a fact,’<br />
said the cat,<br />
‘dry’s where it’s at,</p>
<p><a href="http://www.best-poems.net/robby_charters/rhyme_by_the_bog.html">read more</a></p>

Robby Charters
Mon, 08 Aug 2011 14:07:49 +0000
Robby Charters
22602 at http://www.best-poems.net

Poetic Justice
<p>poetic justice<br />
was when agustus<br />
made the decision<br />
that he would imprison<br />
all poets</p>
<p>the consulting chief justice<br />
informed agustus<br />
that to go for broke<br />
he must revoke<br />
poetic license</p>

Robby Charters
Mon, 08 Aug 2011 14:05:41 +0000
Robby Charters
22601 at http://www.best-poems.net

The Polar Koala Bear
<p>in the land of hinter<br />
where it’s always winter<br />
there lived a ‘polar koala bear’<br />
though he was fair dinkum<br />
feared the weather would sink’m<br />
he was none the worse for the wear</p>
<p>worse for the ‘wear’?<br />
that’s funny, i swear!</p>
<p><a href="http://www.best-poems.net/robby_charters/the_polar_koala_bear.html">read more</a></p>

Robby Charters
Mon, 08 Aug 2011 14:03:59 +0000
Robby Charters
22600 at http://www.best-poems.net

<p>a poet named robby who wrote limericks<br />
bared his whole heart in rhyming rhetorics<br />
but the critics, et cetra<br />
made sure he'd get extra<br />
bad marks for indulging in polemerics<br />
***<br />
the first draft:<br />
a seemingly educated limericist named curdy</p>
<p><a href="http://www.best-poems.net/robby_charters/limericks.html">read more</a></p>

Robby Charters
Mon, 08 Aug 2011 14:00:43 +0000
Robby Charters
22599 at http://www.best-poems.net

An Encounter with Life
<p>Life was running, running<br />
after a mirage-like desires. I met<br />
him, by chance, resting for a night on<br />
a bank of Time. observed him like a<br />
seer does. pinched to awaken.</p>
<p>I asked why I was cast aside. asked</p>
<p><a href="http://www.best-poems.net/life_poems/an_encounter_with_life.html">read more</a></p>

Life Poems
Suman Pokhrel
Mon, 08 Aug 2011 07:04:16 +0000
Suman Pokhrel
22598 at http://www.best-poems.net

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

'Fences Fall' fundraiser

A concert with a difference takes place in Paekakariki on Saturday the 30th April, 8pm, St Peter’s Hall; Paekakariki. Fences Fall is a collaborative project by Kapiti musicians who have written songs inspired by the poetry of Michael O’Leary. Check out more information on his web site - http://www.earlofseacliff.co.nz/michael.htm

Musicians Kayte Edwards (the Green Parrots), Niels Gedge, Gilbert Haisman, Francis Mills, Brian Romeril (Pavlova) and Al Witham have reworked Michael’s poetry into fresh sounding compositions ranging through blues, jazz, folk, and country. Concert-goers will be treated to the first public performance of these songs as well as other material by the musicians.

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Just a small note to our fellow country people in Christchurch to say my prayers and thoughts are with you - kia kaha, kia toa, kia manawanui, Michael O'Leary

Sunday, February 13, 2011


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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fences Fall - CD of songs

'Fences Fall' is a CD of songs based on the poetry of Michael O'Leary from 3 of his collections: 'Toku Tinihanga', 'Make Love and War', and 'Paneta Street'. Several Kapiti and Wellington based musicians, including Dave Berry, Kayte Edwards, Gilbert Haisman, Al Witham, have all got together with the poet to produce what will be a varied collection of songs, reflecting not only O'Leary's wide interests as reflected in the poetic material, but also the musical differences provided in the styles of the individual musicians. To finance the project we are offering a pre-launch special price of $25 (includes p&p) per CD, to be purchased through this website. You can send a cheque to Earl of Seacliff Art Workshop, PO Box 42, Paekakariki, 5034. Your name and other details will be recorded and when the CD is launched, probably around June/July, you will receive it in the mail. If you feel that you would like to contribute directly to the project there is a 'donate' button on the homepage of this blog which will put money into ESAW's Paypal a/c. Thankyou for your support: Michael O'Leary.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tingling Catch: Waikato Times review of A Tingling Catch

Tingling Catch: Waikato Times review of A Tingling Catch: "The following review by Jeff Neems appeared in the Waikato Times, 14 January 2011, Leisure supplement, p. 15. JEFF NEEMS Verses for the..."

Monday, January 10, 2011

Michael O'Leary publications

Michael O’Leary is a poet, novelist, publisher, performer and bookshop proprietor who has been a magnetic figure for many other contemporary New Zealand writers. He writes in both English and Māori; and his diverse and prolific work in poetry, fiction and non-fiction explores his dual heritage: Māori on his maternal side and Irish Catholic on his father’s as well as his mother’s. Born in Auckland in the year of the Tiger 1950, he was educated at the universities of Auckland, Otago (Dunedin), and Victoria University (Wellington). His Earl of Seacliff Art Workshop imprint (inspired by Andy Warhol’s ‘Factory’, the Beatles’ Apple label, and John and Yoko’s ‘Plastic Ono Band’), which he founded in 1984, has published some of his own prolific output, as well as many other New Zealand writers. This press has also featured books by writers from other countries, including the first versions of Richard Berengarten’s series, Manual, in four mini-books (2005-2009). The 240-page A-Z compilation, 25 Years of the Earl of Seacliff (ed. Mark Pirie, 2009), documents Michael O’Leary’s versatile and influential oeuvre. Michael O’Leary is a trustee for the Poetry Archive of New Zealand, Aotearoa, a charitable trust dedicated to archiving, collecting and promoting New Zealand poetry. He now lives in Paekakariki, north of Wellington.

Michael O’Leary – Published Work
Non Fiction

2009: G’Day Country Redux (with David McGill Silver Owl Press)
2004: Central Cluster Claims: The Upper Whanganui Iwi District (CFRT)
2003: Nga Take Motuhake a Rangitane (CFRT)
1996: History of the National Bank, Te Aro Branch (Private)
1985: Gone West – History of Wakamete Cemetery, Auckland (Auckland City Council)
1984: Grafton Cemetery – Auckland – History (Auckland City Council)

2009: Magic Alex’s Revenge – Novel (completes the Dreamlander Express trilogy with Unlevel Crossings and Straight - ESAW)
2007: Straight – Novel (new ed.) (illustrated by Greg O’Brien) (ESAW)
2002: Unlevel Crossings – Novel (illustrated by Greg O’Brien) (Huia Publishers)
2002: Te Moemoea o Te Rau Tau – Children’s Story (Te Tahuhu o te Matauranga)
1999: Michael O’Leary Stories: Short Stories & Other Prose, archival copy (Original Books)
1999: Out of It – Novel, new ed. (Original Books)
1997-1999: Aucklana Livinia Pluralla; Dream Reality; Sow of Hades; South; Long Dazed Journey Into Night; Yellban Apocryphal; Float the Note; Take the dAy Train (Gradual publication of chapters as ‘Work in Progress’ of novel Unlevel Crossings) (all through Original Books)
1997: The Irish Annals of New Zealand – Novel, Celtic script version (Original Books)
1997: Noa / Nothing I – Short Stories (Original Books)
1991: The Irish Annals of New Zealand – Novel (ESAW, 2001 new edition to coincide with an adaptation for the theatre by Simon O’Connor and performed in Wellington in 2001)
1987: Hala e kolo ni mo ha lanu – Children’s Story (translated into Tongan by Kahoa Corbett, illustrated by Lena Patience - ESAW)
1987: Out of It – Novel (illustrated by Gregory O’Brien - ESAW)
1984: Straight – Novel (illustrated by Gregory O’Brien - ESAW, 1985: 2nd ed)
Literary Criticism

2007: Alternative Small Press Publishing in New Zealand: 1969-1999: Literary History/Publishing History (Steele Roberts)
2002: Alternative Small Press Publishing in New Zealand: 1969-1999: Literary History/Publishing History, archival copy (Original Books)
1999: It’s All in the Mind You Know – Essay on Samuel Beckett (Original Books)


2009: G’Day Country Redux (with David McGill Silver Owl Press) Poetry/Non-fiction
2008: Paneta Street (HeadworX)
2007: Sounds of Sonnets (with Mark Pirie) (HeadworX)
2005: Mahones: Four Poets: Bill Dacker, Mark Pirie and Iain Sharp (ESAW)
2005: Make Love and War (HeadworX)
2004: Doomsblay – Poetry/Prose (ESAW)
2003: Toku Tinihanga: Selected Poems 1982-2002 (HeadworX)
2002: Taumarunui: Unlevel Crossings of a Literary Kind – Poetry/Diary (illustrated by Michael O’Leary - Original Books)
2001: He Waiatanui kia Aroha (in association with the Fernbank Studio/ESAW)
2001: TAB Ula Rasa: New and Selected Poems (Original Books)
1999: Ka Atu I Kopua: New Poems 1979-1999 (Original Books)
1999: Flip Side of the Ballad of John and Yoko – broadsheet, new ed. (ESAW)
1998: Shake Speer’s Faith and Other Poems (Original Books)
1998: Livin’ ina Aucklan’ (illustrated by John Pule) new ed (Original Books)
1997: Con Art: Selected Poems (Original Books)
1992: Kia Aroha: with Bill Dacker (ESAW)
1989: Livin’ ina Aucklan’ (illustrated by John Pule) (Miracle Mart Receiving/ESAW)
1987: Before and After – Poetry and Prose (Miracle Mart Receiving)
1984: Undiscovered Voyage (with Litia Alaelua) (Private)
1983: Ten Sonnets: Myths and Legends of Love (Martian Way Press)
1981: Surrogate Children (with Sandra Bell and Brian Hare - Lancaster Publishing)
1980: Flip Side of the Ballad of John and Yoko – broadsheet (Private)


Out of It – Cricket (http://outofitcricket.blogspot.com)
Pukapuka - (http://pukapukabooks.blogspot.com)
Irish Abroad – www.irishabroad.com/blog


2003: Toku Tinihanga CD, poems set to music – Waimea Studios, Christchurch (ESAW Sounds Division)
1995: Twilight City, Just Like a Bird, Potatoes, Fish and Children, Southerners Crossing: 4 songs recorded by Dunedin Irish band Blackthorn – Green-Eyeland Studio – Dunedin
1988: Nice Nazis – punk-reggae band (tape)

As an Editor

2009: Poets of Mana – Poetry Anthology (ESAW)
2004: Greatest Hits: An Anthology of Writing 1984-2004 – JAAM 21: Anthology of New and Established Writers Taken from JAAM/HeadworX/ESAW Publications (in association with HeadworX/JAAM/ESAW)
2002: Tiger Words: Paekakariki Poets at Pukapuka – Poetry Anthology (ESAW)
1998: Waiting for a Train of Thought: Whitireia Writers – Anthology (ESAW)
1998: Nine Seasons: Whitireia Writers – Anthology (ESAW)
1992: Wrapper – Anthology of New and Established Writers (ESAW)

As an Artist

2010: Completed 2 commissioned paintings
2010: Contributed a drawing/poem to the Kurt Cobain art book Blue Eyed Son, compiled by Benedict Quilter, Independent Woman Records, Wellington.
2009-2002: Contributed many art works to ESAW, JAAM, HeadworX, broadsheet and Original Books publications: including cover art, plus pieces for some of the Winter Readings anthologies and works in Kapiti Arts Trail.
2002: ‘A Helen Clark Retrospective’ at One Eye Gallery, Paekakariki.
1994: Collaboration show with Christchurch artist, Wayne Seyb – toured Dunedin, Timaru, Gore, Wellington, Paekakariki.
1991 ONE-MAN Show at Blue Angel Gallery, Auckland.

Appearances by Michael O’Leary in Other Works

‘News 20 May’, Sandra Bell, in Surrogate Children (Auckland: Lancaster Publishing, 1981).
August 6th, Ken Bolton (Adelaide: Little Esther Books, 1999).
‘Michael O’Leary’, Steve Carter, in Poetrywall: Anthology of the Poetrywall eds. Mark Pirie and Gemma Claire (aka Rowsell) (Paekakariki: ESAW, 2007).
Flesh and Blood, John Harvey (UK: Heinemann, 2004).
‘Sunday’, Richard Langston, unpublished poem.
The Treadmill Tapes by David McGill (Paekakariki: Silver Owl Press, 2007).
Black Mail Press 12 cover, edited by Mark Pirie.
‘February 8th, 2003’, Mark Pirie, in Two Poems: An Impression of the Sea (Paekakariki: ESAW, 2004).
‘The Earl of Seacliff Travels from the Octagon to Tokyo’, Jenny Powell.
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‘The Nevertheless Incredibly Happy Poem’, Iain Sharp, in The Singing Harp (Paekakariki, ESAW, 2004).
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‘Hits & misses: A Letter to Sal Brereton’, A whistled bit of bop, Ken Bolton, Vagabond Press,
Australia, 2010.
‘Winter Readings at Tupelo’, Moshé Liba, in Nobody is a Prophet: Selected Poems,
cyberwit.net, India, 2010.

For You: Poems/Stories Dedicated to Michael O’Leary/ESAW

‘The Earl of Seacliff’, J.D. Bowen.
‘On ESAW’s 25th Anniversary’, Jill Chan.
‘O’Books’, Bill Dacker, in To… (Paekakariki: ESAW, 2004).
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‘My Bro: The Earl of Seacliff’, Tricia Pink.
‘Visiting Graves’, Mark Pirie, in London Notebook (Paekakariki: ESAW, 2005).
‘Thoughts in Remuera’, Mark Pirie, in Poems for Poets: Dedications and Elegies (Paekakariki: ESAW, 2004); and in Just Another Fantastic Anthology: Auckland in Poetry ed. Stu Bagby (Auckland: Antediluvian Press, 2008).
‘Tomorrow’, Vaughan Morgan, in Under Quiet Leaves (Te Kuiti, Vaughan Morgan, 1985).
‘Labouring’ and ‘With or without’, Mark Pirie.
‘The Man at the Sea’, L.E. Scott.
‘Don’t go past me with your nose in the air’, Hone Tuwhare, in New Zealand Listener, 1 October 1990; and in JAAM 21: “Greatest Hits”: An Anthology of Writing 1984-2004 eds. Michael O’Leary and Mark Pirie (Wellington: JAAM Publishing Collective in Association with HeadworX/ESAW, 2004).

Anthology Appearances by Michael O’Leary

50 Poems by 50 Poets: Recent New Zealand Poetry ed. Mark Pirie (Brisbane: papertiger media, 2004).
‘A Tingling Catch’: A Century of New Zealand Cricket Poems 1864-2009 ed. Mark Pirie (Wellington: HeadworX, 2010).
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Blue Eyed Son: [Kurt Cobain art book] (Wellington: Independent Woman Records, 2010).
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The White Album Readings: Winter Readings 2008 ed. Mark Pirie (Paekakariki: ESAW, 2008).

Poems/Articles/Reviews by O’Leary Published in Print Periodicals:

Art New Zealand, brief, broadsheet: new new zealand poetry, Craccum, Critic, Dominion Post, Dunedin Star Midweek, Echoes – Good wine, poetry and prose, English in Aotearoa, JAAM, Kapiti Observer, Metro, New Zealand Listener, North and South, Paekakariki Xpressed, Pilgrims, Poetry NZ, Printout, Rambling Jack, Samoan Observer, Saoirse, Berlin Sidestream, Snafu, Sunday Star-Times, Tango, Titirangi Poets, and Valley Micropress.

O’Leary Film/TV Appearances

Lord of the Rings, Via Satellite, Pictures: The Burton Brothers, and several other films as an extra.
Off the Rails, TV series, about New Zealand Rail presented by Marcus Lush.

O’Leary Readings/Public Performances/Displays

Michael O’Leary conducted many poetry readings and artistic happenings throughout the 1970s, including a performance piece in Dunedin dressed as Dada artist Hugo Ball (costume by Robin Swanney-McPherson), reading at Mt Crawford Prison in Wellington with John Bailey and Paremoremo Maximum Security Prison in Auckland with Hone Tuwhare.
O’Leary acted in several plays and skits during the 1970s, including Becket’s play Waiting for Godot at Dunedin’s Globe Theatre, about which O’Leary jokes: ‘It’s the only time in my life I’ve been Lucky!’ He also performed Alan Ginsberg’s Howl in Auckland’s McLauren Chapel.
O’Leary performed regularly at Globe Hotel, Auckland, in the 1980s, and in many other readings throughout the 1980s around Auckland with several poets including Bob Orr, Kim Blackburn, Iain Sharp, Susan Alpress, John Pule, Gregory O’Brien, Grant Duncan, Sandra Bell etc.
O’Leary has also been involved in many other readings and performances throughout the land in various bars/cafes/art galleries with a wide variety of other poets and artists up to the present day. David Eggleton and O’Leary did innovative street art, performance and theatre during the 1980s in Auckland and they also used to busk together, along with John Pule at the same period.
In 2003, O’Leary was invited to take part in the First Wellington International Poetry Festival organised by Ron Riddell and Saray Torres. That same year, an extract from O’Leary’s poem ‘It’s Not the Leaving of Wellington’ was used for a mural next to the Brooklyn Library bus shelter in Wellington. O’Leary read at the opening ceremony, with Mayor Kerry Prendergast also speaking.
O’Leary performed regularly alongside Mark Pirie at Winter Readings, Wellington, 2003-2008. Together the two poets hosted the readings and presented new and established New Zealand poets from around the country to Wellington audiences.
An O’Leary poem is also reproduced by the entrance of the Kapiti Coast Electric Tramway at MacKay’s Crossing between Paekakariki and Raumati as part of a Kapiti Coast District Council project.

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