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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Poem #4 - Michael O'Leary

Elegy for Diana Parsons

Like many things at Seacliff
Your pain and suffering
Were hidden behind beauty

Those tree-lined paths
Leading up to your house
Veiled the violence

Domestic, they call it
Your children, also beautiful
Bore it silently

Justin would talk aloud
To his pet magpie
Which dive-bombed

The village, talking to
Grace on the bus coming home
From Dunedin, the Coast Road

Radiant or sullen and dark
Depending on its mood
Like your husband

The history of Seacliff
Is your history, whether
It was the wonder of

Watching your other daughters
Donna and Juliet grow and bloom
Or the mythological Red

Always in the background
With his motorbike, yeah!
And, then your own aroha

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