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Sunday, July 25, 2010

2-Poem #14 Papakura&Middlemore - Michael O'Leary

People walking over the footbridge
A raised platform, as though
Papakura were an antipodean Venice
Where drowning or sinking into
Red earth were a real possibility
The township closed for the night
But the courtroom and cop-shop
Are still open for business as our
train glides further into Tamaki-makau-rau

More in the middle of south central Auckland now
Than the old heart of Otahuhu, bustling, busy
Mothers and children leaving hospital for home
New station shelters and workers from Mangere
- not lazy, just tired and homeward bound as
Our train turns off into the Orakei deviation at
Westfield. Through G.I. and into the Meadowbank
Tunnel with the strength of the homeward stretch
zooming along the Orakei Basin causeway at speed

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