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Monday, July 5, 2010

Pukapuka Poem #45 'Remuera Dreamtime' - Michael O'Leary

Remuera Dreamtime
(for Maria)

Its walking down the road
Where the hedges and the fences
Loom tall, the trees are tall
Beautiful and stilted

The light is the evening
Colours in the unmoving silence
It’s the dream and it’s the time
Of day and of life

Mercedes and copulating dogs
Are the only people on the street
It doesn’t go near them
Because they get angry

And then at night the
Sharp sound of husband
And wife fighting, baying
Like dingoes in the dark

It rained in the morning
And the bus could be heard
Moving and shifting further down
Somebody’s disturbed the Rainbow Serpent . . .

from its sleep in the deep waterhole

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