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Friday, May 21, 2010

Blogger Buzz: Monetize!

Blogger Buzz: Monetize!


  1. From now on Pukapuka Books will feature a piece of writing each day by Michael O'Leary. It may be a poem or a continuing extract from one of his stories or novels. The first one will appear later today so don't miss out on the continuing story ...

  2. Poem #1 - Michael O'Leary from 'Make Love and War'

    Meeting with Te Rauparaha

    The early evening finds me
    Emerging from the water
    At Paekakariki Beach
    After swimming long and deep

    The late summer colours
    Cover the sky and the hills
    I am alternately looking from
    Land to the seaward visage

    Towards and beyond Kapiti
    My eyes straight to the horizon:
    He stands suddenly beside me
    He has heard I am with

    A Raukawa girl, and he gives me
    A distant, yet easy blessing
    The beach towel over my shoulder
    Becomes his korowai as a koha

    So, the great man who haunts
    This coast has visited me
    In friendship and aroha, and
    When I look away, he is gone

  3. I'd rather be blessed by Te Whiti