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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

2-Poem #19 Auckland Revisited vii&viiii - Michael O'Leary


Past the old university goes
The silver-tongued linx
Where we used to sit in B28
Thinking about those B52s
over Vietnam

Now they’re over Afghanistan
Dropping their liberating load
On Mohamed, not Charlie
So it seems fairly
Apt that Khyber Pass
. . . is clearly

The next stop after Symonds Street


Old Newmarket, where Sharpo
The silent voice of Marxism, meets
Bland footpath commercialism
Remembering waiting for Dado
outside the pub

In back-streets of memory
My mind now wanders
And in those thoughts, wonders
How things might have been if . . .
. . . ah! Life squanders

And I’ve got another train to catch

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