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Monday, August 30, 2010

Sonnet to Katrina by Michael O'Leary

Sonnet to Katrina

The boxcars of Biloxi have become homes
Again as the first world becomes the third world

Overnight. The piles of twisted, gnarled debris
And flood waters up to here, all through

The funky, jazzed-up city of New Orleans
Where she once sat in the sunshine, the light

And the heat of a day-time bar, music and sex
Shining across the neo-French playground

My lover, whose colourful postcard from the French
Quarter is at odds with television images from Baton

Rouge bursting through the safety of the lounge, she
Has in the past had a similar effect on my emotions

As though she were also named Katrina, but now I watch
The disappearing Nu’orlins Blues from a distance

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