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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

2-Poem #20 Auckland Revisited ix&x - Michael O'Leary


Casting a glance down-hill
Towards Young’s Lane with its Bells
And Lights and the train’s Hooter
Blasts as it backs along
the embankment

Before heading westward
Stopping at the new Boston Road Station
Next to the prison, where, with some indignation
I recall visiting my father, who out of a certain
. . . sense of desperation

Stole money. But the train moves on and away


Eden Terrace factories
Show their back view, like
They forget I used to work there
Making stove elements every day, plus
two nights a week

And Saturday mornings over-time
Also four nights night-school
No wonder I’m such a fool
- the back of Kingsland shops
. . . where every tool

Imaginable is employed by track-gang workers

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