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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Poem #13 - Michael O'Leary


Another Round

Stepping into the ring
For one more round
‘My shout!’ he calls out
And begins to sing

A final song of joy and despair

Off with the gloves
Make a fist of it
Your raw knuckles
At the ready to clasp

The punch-drunk reality of it

But there is no point
When enough has been
Reached. The opponent’s
Reach is always longer

No matter how many punches land

Hang up your gloves
Follow your love’s
Crazy vision. It won’t
Make a difference

You will always return in the end

To the genuine genie
Whose magic work
Comes to enchant
Everyone who rubs

The un-ignited fire of the bottle

Water of life, or
Liquid of death
Step into the ring
Take one last swig

You’ll be back again next time

That which was once OK
Has been reversed to KO 

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