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Monday, June 21, 2010

Pukapuka Poem #31 - Michael O'Leary

30 cent inner-city fare

Hop on the big yellow
            banana bus
and go from station to stop to stop
initial surge of power throws you –
back, back as banana on wheels
pushes forward past phoenix palms
and then flows around what was
once a beach – now a road
into, but past also anzac beach head
then, the battle been fought, into the mainstream
maelstrom to follow local custom
left, through the turquoise northern shadow – great!
the pacific (south) lost now in large seas
and the queen lies spread-eagled and eager
to engulf all-comers . . .
up you go and she is before you and following
as you move in fits and starts
– a sexual epileptic
fish tank vision of the people
and the crane-like cranes hanging their long
necks over building tops to check your progress
as you check their progress at a red light
a swarm of people descends and then moves
– as you move . . .
bathed in a golden glow the hint of the wide
open country-side
the banana moves up and up but never away
now the fantasy movie is all but finished
but the real illusion continues
– they are building more of them and more of them
and just when you think you might get lost
forever in the orgasmic firmament
            going up further and faster
            than you can ever remember
the banana bends to the right, missing the sky
                                                            by inches
and slows
            slows to reveal human faces
laughing and sad, moving and still in K-Rd
time to hop off the big yellow
                                    banana bus!  

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