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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Pukapuka Poem #23 - Michael O'Leary

While Your Guitar Violently Wails -
(to George Harrison)

Despite the high-walls fortress
Of your many-roomed mansion
It seems that living in a convent retreat
Could not keep the madness out

The Beatle-Witch which you
Had become in the mind of a fellow
Liddypoolian was to be extinguished
As an aspect of evil in the material world

Like John, you had become a single fantasy
Of someone’s over-rich, heat oppressed mind
Which sought to find the sense of utu
For your success and failure

George, the quiet one, almost eternally silenced
By an eighteen centimetre blade
Beware of sadness and the written word
Which comes back to haunt those who

Scoop it from the cauldron - who sew
The chords of discord in a song

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