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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Pukapuka Poem #22 - 'The Mind of My Lai Revisits Da Kapital' Michael O'Leary

The Mind of ‘My Lai’ Revisits Da Kapital
(for David Mitchell)

So this is what happens to our poets, neat
Soft-shoe shuffling along Oriental Parade
The internal massacre is about complete
As a handshake equals a kind of charade

“E hoa” I say, and then repeat my own name
Over and over in an attempt to get through
But your semi-toothless grin and the insane
Grimace, you are not here at all, but it is you

Like a sad combination reminiscent of Groucho
And Harpo in one, without the humour, your spirit
Seems to have deserted you. But, ouch, I know
Donna Awatere, becomes yr Remuera Hsfrau, is it?

Achtung, Baby, Babi Yr an’ all aside
p.s. the ships look beautiful as they glide . . .

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