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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pukapuka Poem #32 'The craic, the kai, and the whiskey' - Michael O'Leary

The Craic, the Kai, and the Whiskey

(71st memorial of the Easter Uprising) for Karen Urale

What’s happening and where!
It’s the place and it’s the drinking
Went to the Eden Terrace factory
Kissed my love by the wall, but it’s only a song
                                    and then (will we go ta midnight mass or no?)
In the pub talkin’ and drinkin’
Drivin’ through the night
- the moon rises, clouds are drifting
And everywhere the city grows and moves
(Thinkin’ about the girl I just met)
So it’s off with the top of the Tullamore Dew
And down it goes
Firing up the organs like a mainline steam engine
Is it yourself? Who knows -
As all the constraints of reason
And morality get lost in
The craic, the kai, and the whiskey
It’s a wild unremembered drive
Through the Balmoral night
- I awake in the morning
To a vision of O’Donnell driving
Straight towards a Concrete Wall 

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