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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pukapuka Poem #20 - Michael O'Leary

Lambton Interchange

Lambton Interchange, where train and bus
Together with the tar-seal of the road maker
Intertwine to disperse the earth-quaker
Overhead wire, underwheel rail transport us

Away from Beehive drones, Cathedral bricks
The fear we live with in this city is thus, at least
We wait, as a sacrificial feast to the hungry beast
We will be swallowed by the monster’s tricks

Lo, the taniwha o kai whenua will then eat
The stadium, to serve as afters, and immerse
The downtown centre of trade and commerce
Into flooded old financial Featherston Street

Finally, the lights and shops of Lambton Quay
Will be digested, discarded and sent out to sea

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