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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pukapuka Poem #39 Takapuna: buy the sea - Michael O'Leary

Takapuna: buy the sea

(America’s Cup review, 1986 – 87)

The whole country
Acted like the ‘Olde Mug’ –
The peasants again duped
By the glittering gold phrases
Of the middle-class gentry

Television pirates:
Protectors of the public mind
And pilferers of the public purse
Nightly filled our hedonistic heads
With age-old delusions

“Both yachts will be
looking for real estate –
but the leader’s got the edge”.
And it was the same on land
As in the inane commentary box

If you told someone
You owned an underwater acre
Off the coast of Whangaparoa or
Takapuna, or Milford, you would have
Made a million for you overnight

But now in the cold grey dawn
Of falling shares and broken illusions
We look and see El Dorado and the Golden Calf
Are just another brick shit-house, and
The America’s Cup is back where it belongs

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