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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Poem #15 Universal Mind - Michael O'Leary

Universal Mind 


We walked along the path of moonlight
Beyond the artificially lit streets
The waves from the sea washed towards us
On one side, silver-tipped and midnight cool

Into the darker side of the bush-clad landscape
Across the river’s bridge, past pumice floating
To black hills highlighted by the lunar sheen
The stars stood clear and individual as they shone

Moving slowly the shadow began to engulf
The moon, whose light flooded the sky
Like the back of a hand over a face
- then she is gone . . .

The familiar night orb left
Only a black orange hole in the sky -
Struggling to understand the no-reason why
Something is missing and resolved . . .


Regular oval, traced by a point
And lifting it to your lips
Drink hungrily from the green bottle
The amber liquid that opens the doors of deception

Moving is a plane so that the sum of its distances
Crashes nearer to the earth
Than to the sun, the daddyless son
Will crash, no matter who your father was

From two other points is constant
Male and female (by common concord)
Your left-wing is on fire
From a too greater infusion of brandy jet fuel

And all those right-wing ex-L.S.D. boys in Treasury
So afraid of their own past
That their illusions are complete
The side of the cone makes, Jim! (c.f. HYPERBOLA).

(The Third Way)

Regular                                                         Moonlight
             lifting                                       artificially
                       hungrily                 washed
                                     the one

                                     Into the
                           nearer             past
                    The                               highlighted
           Stars                                                         crash

           From                                                Shadow
                     female                          moon
                                face             fire
                                        she too

                                        Left those
                                only                  afraid
                struggling                                   illusion
    makes                                                        something
                      There is no fucking third way!

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