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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Pukapuka Poem #18 - Michael O'Leary

Songs of a Tokio Greengrocer
(Haiku sequence)
Tokio Central
A bullet train fires, mushroom
Crowd, Hiroshadow

Alles verfallen
Axis old as love, pasta
Melon, cauli, fish

Ginza, people walk
Everywhere, street lanterns ignite
My vegetables

Don’t assume Basho
Azuma Bashi Poets
Free delivery

Seed of Edo grow
After Kyoto reclaim
Tall trees scrape skywards

Orders tomatoes
But streets have no names, so Yu
Tu gets potatoes
Ticket gets you there
Chikatetsu – walkway
Or apples and pears

Amidst Aoyama
And Ikebukuro lies
The real city, small

Diet library
Rice paper, turn lettuce leaves
Look, Sushi cook book!

Hana Kawado
And her sisters, Senso Ji,
Asakusa peach

Nartia welcome!
From Hameda visit friends
Take a fresh cabbage

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