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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pukapuka Poem #34 'Way to Work' - Michael O'Leary

Way to Work, Way to Go!

The whoosh of smoke
From the car in front’s exhaust
Covers our windscreen and
We drive blindly past Penrose Railway Station

Seems funny to pick up and
Pay money for sand in bags
From a Mount Wellington factory floor
With the smell of a fresh Westfield kill filling the morning air

We hit the motorway northward
Towards the city – across
The Newmarket Viaduct with
Eurythmic music going as loud as we are fast – crazy!

The drive of the dead –
Through Grafton Graveyard
Traffic to the right, to the left
It’s underneath you, and it’s over the top!

Then down to the oil installations
The noise and smell, the sea and sky
And the sand we bought
Now blasting through a nozzle
Knocking off last generation’s paint
Off petrol pipelines as the sun beats down hard

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