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Friday, June 18, 2010

Pukapuka Poem #28 'Just Like a Bird' - Michael O'Leary

Just Like a Bird (song recorded by Dunedin Irish band Blackthorn
Words by Michael O’Leary)

Candlelight flickered, I was half in a dream

As the moon rose through clouds over the bay

You came to me like a light on a beam

Now your image is with me to stay
At the end of this long working day

CHORUS . . .
            Just like a bird
            My words will fly to you
            Across the dark and stormy waters
            High over hills, down the valleys below
            Where they’ll reach you as a whisper
            Just like a bird

As once I held you close in my arms
Tonight I hold you in my memory
The thought of your touch even warms the chill winds
Which sap the strength from my body
In this place where I’m working so lonely

CHORUS . . .

Sometimes I call you on the phone
The words we say bring us together again
Hearing your voice reflecting my own
I feel such sweet melancholy pain
Then the coins run out, leaving me alone again

CHORUS . . .

The only fear I have in this life
Is that I will never see you again
So hold me in you heart tonight
My love, as I sit in the darkness
When the candlelight flickers, I see you again

CHORUS . . .

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